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Updated: Feb 11, 2023 and 501 (c)(3) non profit In Ryan's Name, Inc. are happy to announce a partnership to drive awareness with parents and young adults about the dangers of Fentanyl through practical education.

Founder Doreen Barr lost her son Ryan to when he overdosed on heroin that was spiked with a deadly dose of Fentanyl. Like many, Ryan was not a hardcore drug addict, but a normal kid with a bright future. A star athlete, he was originally prescribed opioids after a sports injury. Little did Ryan's parents know that this developed into an addiction in college that translated into heroin once the pills became too expensive. It is a story that is all to common. According to the National Institute of Health the greatest increase in heroin usage is in adults 18-25 and that research now suggests that misuse of these medications may actually open the door to heroin use, which in turn is more increasingly cut with Fentanyl. Some also report switching to heroin because it is cheaper and easier to obtain than prescription opioids.

Since her loss, Doreen has been dedicated to engaging parents about the dangers Fentanyl plays in the current drug supply through public speaking engagements and her charity In Ryan's Name, Inc.. The charity, to date, has been able to change the course of 11 young lives by funding early intervention addiction treatment to prevent the same fate that befell her son. She is dedicated to expanding the mission and reaching as many families as possible through practical advice. will support Doreen's mission through donations of Fentanyl Test Strips. To help drive additional awareness, a promo code for a Free Test Strip in Ryan's honor will also be made available to the public indefinitely. BTNX test strips are a proven harm reduction tool and a 2019 study conducted by the NIH found that test strips changed drug usage behaviors in 50% of people who received a positive result for Fentanyl.

Claim your free Test Strip Now by using code INRYANSNAME and support Doreen's mission!

You can also donate directly to her cause through the instructions on her website , and all donations are all tax deductible.

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Doreen Barr
Doreen Barr
May 10, 2022

In Ryan's Name, Inc. is proud to partner with Together we can save lives!

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